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The fees for posting your adoption ad on this site is very inexpensive especially when you compare the cost of other similiar adoption sites and especially when you compare the hassle and cost of adoption ads in newspapers.

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Michele and Stuart

Hi, We're Michelle & Stuart (and Abby too), Thank you for being open to our story. We were determined to have a family, and after several unsuccessful infertility treatments we decided adoption was the way for us. With great joy, we adopted our daughter, Abby three years ago, and now we’re eager to bring another little one into our family.

Please call or text us:
914-493-8180 (call or text)

You can also visit us online at
David and Karen

Hello! We are David and Karen from Long Island, New York. Thank you for just taking the time to read our profile. We understand this is a brave step and we commend you for making the choice of finding a family for your baby through adoption. We are both very excited about expanding our family to include a baby that we will love, nurture, and cherish. We are able to provide a child with financial security, a wonderful education, along with positive values, and structure. We hope that after you get to know us you will feel comfortable & secure, and possibly this will help you make the right decision for yourself during this time.

Please call us at 1-844-247-0371 or email us at You can also visit us online at
Hello we are Debbie and Tony

Hello we are Debbie and Tony and we are a loving, hopeful adoptive couple. We would first like to thank you for considering us as potential parents to your baby. We understand this must be a difficult time for you and we wish you only the best whether you decide to place or parent your child. After failed fertility treatments we decided adoption was the way we wanted to grow our family. We promise to love him/her unconditionally and provide every opportunity we can to allow him/her to become the best they can be. We promise to play, laugh, protect, nurture, care and be supportive in whatever they are passionate about. We would also like you to know we would welcome an open or closed adoption. We want your child to know that adoption is an act of love,bravery and selflessness. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please call us at 1-888-603-0087 or email us at You can also visit us online at
Kay and Marcus

Hello! We are Kay and Marcus.

We are thrilled that you’re taking a look at our profile! We will be thoughtful and caring of your feelings, as we get to know each other. We realize your decision will be unselfish and not easy . . . the definition of motherhood whether you raise or place your baby for adoption. We anticipate creating an open adoption with you, if you choose us. We’re ready for the changes that will occur when we bring our future baby home. Our families and friends are eager to surround our future child with love, support and joy.

Please call or text at 347.815.5920 or email at us at Hope to hear from you soon!

You can find out more about us at our website:
Paul, Christine and Olivia

Hi! We are Paul, Christine & Olivia

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. We have never been in your position and can’t imagine how difficult a decision this must be for you. We would like to thank you for choosing life and for potentially providing us with an addition to our family. We hope our story and pictures give you a better idea of who we are as a couple and as a potential family for your baby.

You can find out more about us at our website:
You can contact us at Toll-free: 866-440-3636
Call or text: 267-279-3688 or email us at:
Kim and Joe

We are Kim and Joe from New York. We are excited to have this opportunity to share with you a little about our lives, our family, our goals and dreams. We hope we can give you a little glimpse into our lives. We a very excited about expanding our family to include our first child. If we are privileged to adopt a baby from you we will love your baby as our own.

You can find out more about us at our website:
You can contact us at 855-565-2767 or email us at:

Debbie and Wayne

Hi, We're Debbie and Wayne. We are ready to become parents, have good communication with expectant mothers,and ultimately be chosen by a woman who wants to create an adoption plan with us. We'll be compassionate of your feelings and supportive of your opinions. We realize this is a stressful time for you.

Let's get to know each other by texting, speaking, and emailing. If you want, let's meet.

Visit our website to learn more about us: or call or text 201-532-5733.

You can also email us at:

Terry and Todd

Hi, we are Terry and Todd. We realize the decision before you is not an easy one. Our hope is that getting to know us brings you some comfort and piece of mind. We will care deeply about your opinion and concerns. Moreover, we look forward to getting to know you as well and exploring adoption together.

We are an energetic, adventurous, and loving couple that can't wait to become a family of 3 or 4. We tried for many years to have a baby, including medical fertility treatments. We are optimistic about the adoption experience as our future to fulfill our dream to become parents. We understand there are many paths but we believe private placement adoption is a perfect match as it will allow us to have direct communication. Ultimately, having a relationship with our child’s birth family will allow our little boy or girl to grow up knowing good things about you and your family.

To learn more about us, please visit our website You can also call or text us directly at 646-351-7136.

We hope to hear from you.    Terry and Todd

Nora and Rich

Hi, We're Nora and Rich. It has always been a dream of ours to become parents. We knew from the day we met that we wanted a family. Since we have been unable to have biological children, we are excited about the opportunity to bring a child into our home through adoption. We realized that this is God’s plan for us.

We admire your strength and love in considering an adoption plan. We hope our profile will give you a peek in to our life and show you all the love we can provide a child. We would love to hear from you. You can call us at 1-888-57 ADOPT or email us at

Please see our personal website for more pictures and information about us.


I am Anne-Michele from NY. Thank you for considering me in your search for a loving home for your child. I live in a beautiful neighborhood with many parks and beaches nearby. I am very fun, fit, active, athletic, creative, and financially and emotionally secure. I hope to provide a healthy and active lifestyle for a child. I work flexible hours as a personal trainer and associate professor, which allows me a lot of time to raise a child and to give all the love, security and support that the child needs.

Please call me at 1-877-246-1447 so we can get to know each other better or feel free to email me as well.

Read more about me!

John and Leslie

We look forward to understanding your wishes and opinions as you get to know us. If you choose us, we will stay in touch however you are comfortable.

Please feel free to contact us at: 347-758-0353 or you can e-mail us at:

John and Leslie

More about John and Leslie

Laura and Gerry

Hello our names are Laura and Gerry. We are from NY and we are looking to start a family through adoption. We are so grateful for your consideration and we understand the difficult decision you're facing. Choosing adoption is an amazing selfless gift and we admire your courage in your decision. We promise that this child will be raised in a home that is loving, supportive, happy and encouraging. We value education and want to make sure that he or she is brought up with the opportunity to explore their dreams. We will guide this child to become a caring compassionate, respectable person, but most of all will shower them with love!

Our phone number is (888) 224-8299. Sometimes speaking to someone for the first time can be scary so if you'd like you can text or email us Our text only number (774)563-7371 or email us at

More about Laura and Gerry

Diana and Mike

Hi - We're Diana and Mike. Your heart and mind can be put at ease by knowing that, if you choose us, your child will grow and learn in a home full of love, peace, and solid family values. We will support your child with love and understanding. Together we look forward to your baby becoming a part of out future.

Please call us at 855-568-7947 or email us at

Diana and Mike

More about Diana and Mike

Matt and Laura

Hi, we are Matt and Laura, a kind, caring and compassionate couple from the suburbs of New York, who are looking forward to becoming first time parents through adoption. We know that the decision that you are faced with to make an adoption plan must be very difficult for you. We want you to know that if you choose adoption and select us, we will provide a very loving, nurturing, safe and stable home for your child. We promise to be very dedicated and devoted parents and always be there for your child. We’ll encourage your child to follow their hopes and dreams and we will be there to lend them moral support throughout their life.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you.

Please feel free to contact us at: 1-877-959-8265 or you can e-mail us at: Sincerely, Laura and Matt
Sincerely, Laura and Matt

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Harun and Austin

Dear Birth Parents,

We're Austin & Harun and we are eager to get to know you, and you…us. It will be great to hear your opinions, about open adoption and anything else you want to share. Let's text and talk openly and honestly to see what can happen. We hope you find the family you feel best about. We hope the birth mother that selects us will stay in touch so her child can meet her. We welcome your role as birth mother, if you choose us as potential parents for your baby.

Harun and Austin

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Joe and Melissa

Hi, we're Melissa & Joe.

We would like to tell you how much we admire and respect the strength, courage, and selfless love you have in considering an adoption plan, and we would be honored if you would allow us to share with you a little about ourselves and the life we have to share with a baby. We have a loving, committed married life and can't wait to build our family through adoption.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions and would enjoy the chance to learn about you and the hopes you have for your baby. Please Text or call 732-670-8532 or email

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Dana and Michael

Hello, we are Dana & Michael,
Let's connect by texting and emailing each other. Then let's have phone conversations for spontaneous chats. We met through…so we imagine connecting over the internet with the birthmother who selects us. Our hope is to create a trusting relationship with you as you figure things out.

Growing up surrounded by close friends who were adopted motivated me, Dana, to want to adopt. I was so impressed by how much love and support these children received from their adopted parents. I didn't know then that all of my children would come from adoption After two miscarriages and my doctor's assessment, adoption became our first and only choice.

Our daughter or son we adopt will hear good things about their birth family as she or he grows. We'll keep in touch with you and you deserve to know about us. Eventually we can meet, if all agree. How do you want to remain in touch with the family you choose as adoptive parents?

Our phone # for texting or speaking is 732-397-8189 and email address is Hope to hear from you!
Dana & Michael More about these adoptive parents


Hello, my name is Mary and raising a child is a lifelong dream. For as long as I can remember, I have loved children. A warm, loving, and stable home is what I look forward to providing a child. I understand what a difficult decision it is to make a plan of adoption and I truly admire your strength, compassion, and selflessness. This may be a trying time for you, but it is my hope that working together may make things easier for you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me and my family.

Call or text any time at 347.326.1372 or email me at I would love to hear from you! I sincerely wish you the very best,

Email us at

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Judith and Sean

We are Judith and Sean, a happily married couple who are hoping to start our family through adoption. We want to start by thanking you for considering us. We understand what a huge decision you are making by considering an adoption plan for your baby. We know that what you are doing requires great courage, strength, and so much love and generosity. Thank you for considering giving us that tremendous gift. We put this site together so you could get to know us better. We hope to hear from you.

1-800-352-4684 or email us at

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Annie and Nick

We are Annie & Nick, a happily married couple blessed with a happy home and a wonderful, close extended family. We both come from families that adore children so we wanted to start our own family right away. We weren’t able to conceive a child, however and quickly realized that adoption was the right path for us. Adoption had already blessed our extended families and can hardly wait to be blessed our selves. We looking forward to the joys and responsibilities of parenting.

Thank you for reading our profile. We hope you might consider us to offer your baby a life of love, security and opportunities. We would love to learn about your dreams for your baby’s future.

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Beth and Jonah

Welcome ...

It's with open hearts and open minds that we are eager to make our family complete through adoption.

Hi, we're Beth & Jonah and we consider ourselves to be a loving, fun and secure couple that is ready and excited to provide a child with a wonderful life. We have been truly blessed with a strong and joyful marriage, supportive families and friends, fulfilling careers that make us happy, as well as a cute dog that keeps us very entertained. We dream and pray for a child to bless our home and we know that through adoption, our dream will become a reality.

Our home and hearts have never been more ready to welcome a child into our family.

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Nancy and Charlie

We thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our thoughts. We respect your strength in considering adoption and intend on being completely open, explaining to your child from an early age that you made your decision with love in your heart. Both Charlie and I are thrilled at the idea of becoming parents…we spend most of our time thinking of all the happy and exciting days that lie ahead. We promise to provide a nurturing, joyful and supportive environment for a child who will be loved very much and given every opportunity to grow into a happy, confident and caring adult. We will encourage our child to reach for the stars and follow their dreams...wherever it may lead them!

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Dana and Brian

Hello - We are Dana and Brian, a loving and caring couple hoping to adopt our first child. Soon after marrying seven years ago we decided to start a family and are very excited about beginning our journey to parenthood. Thank you so much for reading our profile and taking the time to learn about us and why we would be able to provide a loving, nurturing, and stable life for a child.

If chosen, we promise to be loving, devoted parents and to always speak to you with love and admiration. Read more

Doug and Mel

Hello! We are Douglas & Melissa, our friends and family call us Doug & Mel. We are excited at the opportunity to share our lives and ourselves with you through this letter. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult taking this path might be for you, and we can only hope that our letter might provide some encouragement and hope as you travel this way. Should you decide to stay a while and get to know more about us, we can only pray that it will result in a life-long answer to prayer for all of us.

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Patty and Steve

Hello, we are Patty and Steve, a loving and devoted couple dreaming to adopt a newborn baby into our home and lives. We realized it is the everyday caring for a baby through adulthood that we longed for whenever we imagined being parents. We want our home to be the one where our child and his or her friends will love to hang out. We are honored that you would consider us as adoptive parents and welcome the chance for you to get a glimpse into our lives and the life we would build with a child.

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Renee and Scott

Hi, We’re Renee & Scott - We are in awe of the selfless decision you’re considering for your baby. We hope you’ll be confident with your ultimate decision. We wonder what your hopes and concerns are. Let’s get to know each other.

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MaryBeth and Mike

We're Marybeth and Mike. We admire your strength and courage in considering an adoption plan for your baby and would love the chance to get to know you, and learn of your dreams for your baby. We would be happy to tell you all about our life, and the life we could provide a child.

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I've adopted!


I've adopted!


Hi, I'm Laurie...

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a mom.

After three years of fertility treatment, I was unable to get (and stay) pregnant. I am excited about the possibility of building my family through adoption. Raising a child has always been a dream of mine and and please know that your child will be raised by a loving mom, a supportive family and lots of aunts and uncles, with endless amounts of love and encouragement.

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Mike and Alison

We are Mike and Alison from Long Island, NY. We are so excited about expanding our family through adoption with a newborn, infant or toddler. We hope that fertility issues don't have to mean the end to our dream of completing our family. Having a biological child is not what's important to us...what matters is having a child to love unconditionally and feeling fulfilled as a family. We hope you will look through the rest of our site to learn more about us, our beautiful hometown and award winning school district, and the importance of adoption in our extended families.

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Kevin and Nicole

We are Nicole and Kevin from New York. Thank you for choosing to read about us.

We can't imagine how difficult this must be for you, but we admire your courage. You and your child are in our thoughts and prayers. we are a couple engaged to be married, who wish to bring your baby into our loving hearts. Our hope is to be married as a family all together. We can provide an endless supply of love, support, guidance, safety, and happiness.

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Holly and Al

We are Holly and Alan from Southern Minnesota. Thanks for taking a closer look at us! We are a young, happy, fun loving couple excited and ready to become first time parents through open adoption. We enjoy going to Twins games and Minnesota Vikings football games. We also love being outdoors-boating, fishing, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. We are grateful that you are considering open adoption as part of your birth plan and we'd love to get to know you.

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Paul and Rebecca

Thank you for visiting our adoption website and taking the time to learn more about us. Please know that we are praying for you to be at peace about the decision you make for you and your baby. We hope after viewing this brief snapshot of our lives, you have a better understanding of how much it would mean for us to receive the blessing of a child and just how loved that child will be.
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Albert and Laura

Dear Birth Mother,
This is just a brief introduction about us and our lives. We hope this will give you at least some idea of the kind of life we can offer a child – a life full of warmth, security and above all, unconditional love.
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Vicki and Phil

Hi, we are Vicki and Phil. Becoming parents together is our greatest wish. We are excited to go forward and ready to choose adoption, a familiar path, as Vicki was adopted years ago! Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you undergo this journey. As you look through our pages, we hope you get a sense for the love and commitment that we no only have for each other, but that we will give to a child. Our hearts and home are ready and waiting!
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Kimberly and Anthony

Hi, we are Kimberly & Anthony.
The day we met six years ago, we began to make each other happy & continue to do so as a married couple. We want nothing more than to share that happiness with a baby.

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Karen and Michael

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We recognize that your decision in not an easy one, and our hearts go out to you at this difficult time. We believe that adoption is an act of love for all involved, with the child’s best interest at heart, including their safety, security and happiness for the future.

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Anna and Sal

   We've been matched!

Traia and Mel and Rogan

We are Traia, Mel and Rogan from Rural western Washington. We started our family through the miracle of open adoption and are ready to welcome another child into our hearts. Open adoption gave us not only our lilttle cowboy, Rogan, it also brought his wonderful birthparents into our lives.

We're very excited to be heading down the open adoption trail again and invite you to join us in the great adventure of building a family. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!
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Pete and Jen
We've been matched!

My name is Deb.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and all the people in my family tree. I think you are so brave and amazing to consider adoption! I want you to know that your baby will be the center of my universe. I promise you that I will give your baby every opportunity, unconditional love and lots of laughter.
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I am Karen from San Jose, California. Becoming a parent is something I have always dreamed of and I believe that open adoption is a wonderful way to start a family. There is no authentic way for me to truly understand the difficult decision you have before you. But I can start by inviting you into my life so that you can know everything about the kind of family I grew up in and the family I am excited to create.
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Richard and Kristin
Richard and Kristin are hopeful adoptive parents from California waiting to adopt a baby.
Dear Birthmother,
If you’re are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following “Dear Birthmother Letter” Thank You.
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Lisa and Chris

We want to thank you so much for taking the time to learn a bit about us. This is the most brave decision that you will ever make and we thank you for considering us. We're Christopher and Lisa, and along with our 3 year old son Michael, we are hoping and praying to add another child to our family.
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Dear Birthmother,
Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me. This must be an incredibly difficult time for you and I cannot imagine all the different emotions you are experiencing.

I am truly at a loss for words. What do you say to someone you have never met, who is considering giving you the greatest gift you will ever receive?
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Orna and Nigel

Dear Birth Mother and Family,
We are a loving, stable married couple who wish to adopt a baby. Come read a bit about our warm family: Orna, Nigel and Ruby. We are certain that we will provide the most loving, joyful and supportive home for a baby and child to grow up in. This must be a very complicated decision for you to make and we admire you for your courage.
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Mat and Fran
We are adopting!

Michael and Nadine

We have adopted!

Kim and John

Hello and Welcome!
We are Kim and John, hopeful adoptive parents from Long Island, New York. We are praying as we wait to connect with you! We can only imagine the decisions that you face at this time. We commend your strength and courage in making plans to make sure your child has the best possible life. We thank you in advance for your time and wish you well as you make your plans.
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Carolyn and Dave


We are Carolyn and Dave. We would love to care for and love a child in our wonderful home. We know you want the best for your baby, and you would be happy knowing that he or she would be safe, secure, and feel the warmth of our family and our love.
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John and Corinne

We have adopted!

Paul and DeAnna

We can help by providing a loving home for your child!

Hello and Welcome! We're Paul & Deanna from Michigan. Although we can't fully understand what you're going through right now, we know that you're faced with a very difficult decision. We want you to know that if you do choose adoption and select us, we will provide your child with a lifetime of love, security and happiness.
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Hank and Leila

Greetings from Hank and Leila in North Carolina. Though this decision is a difficult one, we know that you want the best for your baby. We hope to be the family you choose to provide your child a home filled with love and laughter . If so honored, we would like to get to know you, and welcome ongoing contact by letters, calls or visits.
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Ron and Sherry

We are a loving family from Ohio who long to adopt a baby. My name is Sherry and husbands name is Ron. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy before I met the love of my life and now we would love to raise a baby together.
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Chris and Jessica

The decision to place a child through adoption requires courage, but finding the right match can make the adoption process less stressful. We hope that we can fulfill your desire to find a loving and committed family for your child. We are excited about the possibility of expanding our family through adoption and providing a child with a wonderful home to thrive in. We can only imagine how difficult it is to pick a family based on limited information. Our website is designed to give you a brief idea about who we are, our family and friends.
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Carolyn and Lou

We have adopted!

Mark and Jennifer

Welcome Birthparents,
We are excited about the prospect of open adoption and hope you consider getting to know us better. The fact that you are reading this means that you are well on your way to making one of the most important decisions of your life - who you will trust to raise your child.
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Scott and Melissa

We are Scott and Melissa in NC. We hope that by sharing this difficult time with you, we can give you confidence in your adoption decision and your child's future. We want to be parents more than anything. From bottles and diapers to reading bedtime stories, trips to the zoo, licking ice cream cones, riding bikes, playing sports, dance or piano recitals, helping with homework, building a snowman, collecting shells at the beach or hiking in the mountains- we long for a little boy or girl to share our joy in life's simple pleasures. We hope to hear from you soon.
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Mita and Warren

Dear Birthmother,
We deeply appreciate the profoundly difficult decision you have made to place your baby for adoption. We will honor your decision by raising your child in a loving, stable home. In our home communication, sensitivity, and support are as important as education, achievement, and concern for others. For us, this is what a loving family is all about.
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