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Mita and Warren

Dear Birthmother,

We deeply appreciate the profoundly difficult decision you have made to place your baby for adoption. We will honor your decision by raising your child in a loving, stable home. In our home communication, sensitivity, and support are as important as education, achievement, and concern for others. For us, this is what a loving family is all about.

We have been married for over 7 years, and yet have never been pregnant. Medical complications in “natural” childbearing led us through several cycles of IVF, first with Mita and then with a gestational carrier, but without success. These have been challenging times for us. We have been considering adoption for three years, and it now seems to us that this is a perfectly clear choice. In fact two of Mita’s uncles were adopted. We believe deep in our hearts that adoption is the right path for us, and have the complete, unconditional support of our family and friends. Please allow us to tell you a little about ourselves.

About us

Mita was born and raised in an urban cultural center in India. She came to the US in 1994 to pursue a post-graduate degree, and is the pride of her college graduating class. She is now a US citizen. Warren was born and raised in New Jersey. We met in 1998 at our University in New Jersey. After surviving a period of geographic separation (Warren worked for one year in Ohio), we were married in October 1999. Coming from two distinct cultural backgrounds has enriched and deepened our relationship. We love each other dearly, through good times and sad, and feel strongly that a child will complete us as a couple. Beyond our common professional interests, we share a love for animals and nature, and for traveling. In our leisure time we enjoy movies, walking our Shih Tzu “Ruby” in the park, and visiting and entertaining friends.

About Warren (by Mita).

When I think of Warren, I think of a man who is patient, understanding, and caring. He tirelessly looked after me through my two surgeries, and throughout our IVF ordeal. I have seen how dedicated he was as a son to his mother. He was attentive to her needs as her condition worsened – and I know he was the same way with his father and his grandmother as well. His compassion led him to a career choice that involves caring for families burdened by terminal illness. Yet even in the most difficult times, he maintains a sense of humor and loves to make others smile. He takes great pleasure in traveling to India and deeply loves and respects my family. I know Warren has dreamt of becoming a father for a long time, and I know he will be a great one.

About Mita (by Warren).

When I think of Mita, I think of a woman who put her busy schedule on hold to come to the aid of a wounded robin – and to hand-raise our new parakeet hatchlings whose mother died (see our photos); who worked tirelessly to complete her Ph.D. degree under considerable pressure; who cared for my mother when she was in the throes of terminal cancer; and who never forgets or minimizes the needs of a friend or family member. The woman I married is all this and more. We share laughter, ideas, and a vision for our future together. For all she has achieved, she still feels a painfully empty space as she longs for a child. I will be proud to introduce our child to Mita, a caring, passionate, and devoted mother.

Our home.

We live in a northern New Jersey suburb with much to offer – recreation, peace and quiet, and an excellent school system (from which Warren graduated). Our four-bedroom house sits on a 1-acre property with an abundance of trees and a wide-open space for running, throwing baseballs and Frisbees, and having picnics. There is also a piano in our living room that has been in the family for years; we dream of seeing our child taking her or his first lessons on that piano.

Our education and professional lives.

We both have Ph.D. degrees. Mita is an Assistant Research Professor at a major university. Her studies focus on the disruptive effect of alcohol on brains, bodies, and families. Warren is also a researcher, on the staff of a non-profit organization in New York City dedicated to the welfare of families affected by terminal illness. We love what we do. Above all else, we hope our work contributes to the well being of families facing hard times. It has developed our capacity to empathize with others’ painful experiences.

Our families.

Warren’s parents were married in 1961 and enjoyed a loving and successful marriage. We lost his father in 1994, and his mother in 2006. They left us a legacy of love, commitment, and respect for diversity. To this day we feel their ever-present sense of humor, manifest even in the darkest hours, and their appreciation for the beauty around them every day. These values are as embedded in our home as the stains in its cedar shingles, and will be a part of our child’s identity throughout her or his life.

Warren’s brother Steve lives in Minnesota and works for a major corporation. He has been supportive of our efforts all along, and is enthusiastic to become an uncle. He has much to share with a niece or nephew, but has none with whom to play, educate, and pamper. Warren’s uncle and aunt in Florida have been like parents to us. They, their three children and granddaughter have all been supportive and empathetic, and are excited at the prospect of a new addition to the family.

Mita’s parents were married in 1967 and to this day enjoy a loving and successful marriage. Her father is a retired judge, and her mother a homemaker. Her brother is a software engineer and works for a major financial corporation. Mita has a very close-knit family, including her parents, brother, grandmother, uncle, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephew, all of whom are anxiously waiting to meet the new family member that is our baby. She or he will bring so much joy to this loving family who have been longing for their first grandchild.

Our commitment to how we are going to raise the child.

Mita and Warren both have generous maternity / paternity leave policies at their work. In addition, Mita’s parents will be living with us for some time after the arrival of the baby. We will offer our child all the physical, mental, and emotional benefits our loving home has to offer. These include a large backyard in which to play, rooms full of toys, books, and music, and of course lots of love. We place a very high value on education, and have invested some of our savings into a college fund. Our child will discover, as we have, that learning is an enjoyable and engaging lifelong process, and will learn to excel at those things for which he or she has a passion. Social, emotional, and intellectual stimulation are equally important for us.

Thank you so much!

We will honor your request for letters, pictures, and emails, if this is your wish. We will never forget that you helped us to become parents. We hope you are surrounded by love and support at this time. You are an incredible person for making plans to give your child a bright future.

We hope to hear from you soon. If you choose us, we will go ahead with the adoption process with the help of our adoption attorney.

See our website for more information:

Please contact us at (732) 266-4553, or by email at

With much respect and thanks.

Warren and Mita