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Karen and Michael


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We recognize that your decision in not an easy one, and our hearts go out to you at this difficult time. We believe that adoption is an act of love for all involved, with the child’s best interest at heart, including their safety, security and happiness for the future.

Michael and I met over five years after being set up on a blind date by mutual friends. I still remember opening the door of my apartment to see the smiling face of the man I would soon fall in love with. We married on a crisp fall day surrounded by family and friends. We are best friends and make a great team. Humor is a large part of our life and we often make each other laugh.

We have always felt blessed to have one another and hope to be blessed with a child through adoption. We are confident that we can provide a home filled with unconditional love, happiness, Christian values, financial security and quality educational opportunities.

We have always dreamt of having children and believe that adoption can make our dream a reality. We have so much love to give and cannot wait to welcome a child into our family.

Michael is a giant teddy bear & when he enters a room people are drawn to him. Wherever he goes he makes friends and leaves a positive mark on everyone he meets.

Michael helped raised his niece & nephew from an early age and they love their Uncle Michael. Michael passed his love of sports to his nephew Christopher and coached him in football, baseball & soccer. He spent countless weekends traveling to games and encouraging all the kids he coached. He made sure all the children got equal playing time and were having fun and the children on his team loved Coach Mike.

Michael loves to run and take his mountain bike out on the weekend. Michael loves history and visiting museums and points of interest.

Michael is a loyal friend and devoted to his family. He sees the good in people and always goes the extra mile to help someone in need. Michael is a Director in a nearby nursing home. When he walks the halls many patients stop to chat with him and walk away with a smile on their face. When a resident at his nursing home wanted to go a wedding but had no one to bring them, it was Michael that drove them on his day off. He enjoys helping others and I know his kindness & compassion will make Michael a wonderful father.

Karen works as a fundraiser and event planner for a local nonprofit that helps find a cure for a childhood genetic disease. Karen’s love of children makes her dedicated to her job as she hopes no child should have to suffer. Many families rely on Karen to help find a cure for their child’s disease and she enjoys listening & helping these families as best she can.

Karen has a huge heart. Karen has always showed a unique kindness to everyone she knows and everyone she meets. She is always first in line to lend a hand to anyone who needs help. When a friend calls with a last minute request for a babysitter, Karen is anxiously on her way to assist. Karen has always desired to be a mother and is amazing with children. Children just seem to naturally feel at ease with Karen.

Karen is a very outgoing person. She loves the beach at summer and drinking hot cocoa in the winter while watching the snow fall. Karen’s passions include reading and baking. Our families always look forward to Karen’s famous brownies and her endless deliveries of homemade cookies at Christmas time.

Michael and I both come from close-knit families with strong values and Christian upbringings. Our family is a big part of our lives and we love sharing time together. Karen’s parents live just ten minutes down the road and both our sisters live nearby as well. Everyone in our family is extremely supportive of our plan to adopt and they are excited about us becoming parents. We look forward to knowing that our families will be a major part of our child’s life showering them with and abundance of love and affection. We are all excited and anxious to welcome a new addition to the family.

We are both proud of our heritage. Michael’s grandparents were from Italy. At a recent family reunion, a cookbook of favorite Italian recipes was passed to each member of the family. We enjoy cooking up these recipes together & Michael is proud that he has perfected his grandfather’s sauce.

Karen’s grandparents were from Costa Rica. Her grandmother lives in a nearby nursing where Karen spends most Sundays visiting her Nanny. Her grandmother just turned 104!

Michael and I share a strong sense of family values and traditions that have been passed down to us from our parents and grandparents which we look forward to continuing to pass down to our child.

Our Home
We live in a private home located in the beautiful suburbs of New York. Our house is located on a quiet street with in a wonderful family-oriented neighborhood filled with lots of families and young children. We are situated in a highly regarded school district in walking distance to the local elementary school. Our neighborhood is surrounded by beautiful parks and is a short drive to the beach.

While we enjoy all the wonderful sights and recreational activities in our neighborhood, living just outside of Manhattan, we also enjoy all that NYC has to offer. We like to visit the museums, theatres, historical landmarks and restaurants. We particularly enjoy visiting the city at Christmas time to see the tree and all the holiday window displays.

We have a large fenced in backyard with plenty of room to play. Our home is the meeting place for our family gatherings including Thanksgiving. We enjoy entertaining and filling our home with family and friends.

Thank You
Thank you again for your time in getting to know us. Both Michael and I hope that in reading about us, it would somehow help make your decision easier. We hope that you find peace about considering us to be the adoptive parents of your newborn. There is no greater gift to us than to share our lives, our love and our home with a precious child.

We look forward to speaking with you and welcome the opportunity for you to get to know us better by calling 1-877-865-7571 or contacting us via email at You can also call our attorney Jeanine Castagna at 1-800-379 0650.

We wish you peace in your decision and happiness in your future endeavors. Our prayers and thoughts are with you,
Karen & Michael.