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Carolyn and Dave

About Carolyn and Dave
Hi , we are Carolyn and Dave. We would love to care for and love a child in our wonderful home. We know you want the best for your baby, and you would be happy knowing that he or she would be safe, secure, and feel the warmth of our family and our love.

We have known each other since 2001. We met on a blind date that was initiated by Carolyn's mother. As soon as we met at that NYC Restaurant, we knew that we were meant to be together. Our personalities went so well together. We are both calm, down to earth people and are from similar backgrounds. We developed a love and warmth between us that grew through sharing mutual interests and beginning to plan a life together. Once we got married, we began the process of having children. Once realizing that conceiving was going to be difficult, we decided not to go the infertility route. The reason for this was that there are so many newborn babies that need to be care for, loved and helped to become good people in the world. Therefore, we thought adoption seemed like the natural choice.

David's favorite hobby is collecting music. His tastes vary from Jazz to English bands to Rock, etc. He has a huge collection of music which he is just waiting to share with his child or children in order to teach them appreciation of music. Carolyn's love is animals. She does volunteer work helping homeless cats and dogs find homes. She enjoys taking care of so many animals and would love to use that love to raise her own child. She also worked as a Daycare Infant
Teacher and as a nanny, at one time, for quadruplet infants. She felt completely natural taking care of infants and would be honored at the chance to care for her own.

We enjoy all types of cultural activities together, such as, going to museums, plays, movies and concerts. We also love to go on short trips to other states. When traveling, we appreciate the beauty of nature and the world around us. We are looking forward to having our prospective child share in our love of nature as well as going on other trips to beaches, Disney World and Water Theme Parks, etc. that will help him or her to become fun and well rounded person. We plan on providing our child with a college education and facilitating him or her to go to whatever education level he or she desires.

David's profession is Pharmacist. He is very fulfilled by this steady career as it assists in providing for a growing family. Carolyn also has a college degree. She works in a doctor's billing office. Carolyn plans on being a "stay at home Mom" indefinitely. We feel that children need the time and attention, in order to receive the parenting and security they need. We are very excited to spend all that time with our child teaching him or her everything he or she needs to know.

We both have family members that would be ecstatic to have a niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson and cousin. Our 4 year old nephew will be an amazingly good influence on his new cousin. We enjoy spending holidays and birthdays or just weekends with our families. We also have many close friends with children who are just waiting to welcome our child into their hearts.

We live in a suburban neighborhood in New Jersey with nice neighbors to whom several new babies have recently been born! We have spiritual values that we plan to share with our child. We believe this is an important part of growing up.

We would love for you to contact us as we feel we will provide the love, enrichment and stability that your child will need in order to have a wonderful life. We know we can benefit and enhance the life of a child and eagerly await the opportunity. We hope you will help us. We can be reached at, toll free, 1-877-898-8866

Carolyn and Dave