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Chris and Jessica

About Chris and Jessica
Jessica grew up in Maryland and is very close to her parents, who live nearby in the house she grew up in. After high school, Jessica completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work. She currently is working with homeless families. This position gives her stable work hours and flexibility. Jessica’s supervisor and co-workers are very supportive of her choice to adopt. Jessica enjoys many activities including stained glass, cooking, biking, kayaking, movies, traveling, photography, vegetable gardening, home repair/decoration and sewing.

Chris was born and raised in California, where his family still resides. Following high school, Chris enlisted in the Air Force to provide him with work experience and the opportunity to compete his education, which was very important to him. During his Air Force career, Chris was stationed in California, Alaska, South Korea, Washington, D.C. and Washington. He proudly completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science prior to leaving the Air Force. Currently, he is working for a major defense contractor as a systems test engineer. Chris has many interests, including: reading, photography, yoga, hiking, biking, kayaking, traveling and cooking. He also enjoys watching movies, home improvement and a variety of games.

In August, we purchased a comfortable three bedroom home with lots of room for expansion, if we need to. We are slowly upgrading the house to make it our home. Our neighbors have been very warm and welcoming. There are plenty of children in the neighborhood as well as good schools, library's, bike trails and playgrounds.

Chris and Jessica As Adoptive Parents
Chris has three older children from a previous marriage. When they were young he coached soccer and refereed little league. He loves children and is a caring, sensitive and committed father and uncle. He plays an active role in several of his friend’s children’s lives. He has volunteered as a tutor for elementary school children.

Jessica has spent many years caring for children while babysitting, working in daycare centers during school vacations and as a foster care social worker. She has watched and assisted others in the many joys of parenting and hopes she and Chris will be able to share those same joys as a couple.

Together, along with our extended family, we would like to provide a child with a loving, nurturing environment to thrive in similar to the ones in which we were raised. We look forward to encouraging a child’s interests and exposing him/her to a variety of cultural and athletic activities to stimulate his/her imagination and enhance her or his life. With our support, it is our hope that the child we raise will receive a good education, as education is very important to both of us. We want to give a child every opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Chris and Jessica’s Adoption Wishes
We believe that families created by adoption are special. Any child who enters our family through adoption will always know their adoption story and how loved and wanted they are by both their birth and adoptive families. Our family is very supportive of our decision to adopt and is ready to welcome a new child into our family. As adoptive parents, we promise to work with you to respect your wishes, privacy and comfort level concerning future contact.

You can contact us at 301-933-4046 or 1-866-203-4861, PIN = 7303

If we are unable to anwser the phone when you call, please allow the phone to ring until you reach our into voicemail as the phone number forwards to our cell phone. It takes about 4 rings to transfer the phone number to our cell phone. If we do not anwser the phone, please leave a message or call back at a later time.

You can also check out our website:   More about Chris and Jessica

We look forward to hearing from you!

Chris and Jessica