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Nicole and Kevin

Dear Birthmother,
We are Nicole and Kevin from New York. Thank you for choosing to read about us.
We can't imagine how difficult this must be for you, but we admire your courage. You and your child are in our thoughts and prayers. we are a couple engaged to be married, who wish to bring your baby into our loving hearts. Our hope is to be married as a family all together. We can provide an endless supply of love, support, guidance, safety, and happiness.

Thank you again for visiting our profile. We are very excited for our lives to begin as a family. We’ve been together for over three years and we knew immediately that we wanted to build and grow as a couple. Very soon after, we decided our dream was to have a family. We tried many avenues to conceive a child but all attempts were not successful. Without regret and putting the past behind us, we’ve continued on our journey in being blessed with a child. We discussed adoption many times throughout our experience and it was always something we were drawn to. We believe that any child is a blessing no matter how God brings this gift to you.

Life Together
We live on Long Island, in New York. Our relationship began when family and friends set us up on a blind date. We had such a fantastic time we knew a beautiful future awaited us. We live in a new condominium close to the Great South Bay. We enjoy many bike rides after dinner to watch the sunset, fishing with all of our nieces and nephews or just to get an ice cream. Together we enjoy traveling, kayaking, long beach days in Montauk and spending quality time with our families. We are so fortunate to have our lives surrounded by loving and caring people. We know that we will create a beautiful, loving and secure life for your child. We are engaged to be married but wish to have our child with s as we begin our journey as one family. We have so much love to share and would like your child to receive it.

Our Values
One of the best things about us is that we share similar values. We both strongly believe in family, education, religion and financial security. Our extended family takes up a large portion of our time. The endless celebrations are always surrounded by the laughter of children and cheerful adults. We always treasure our time together. Our motto is “family first.”

We also believe that education is imperative in this world today. A life of learning will foster strength and independence in a child. Children are our future and a strong foundation will pave the way for a lifetime of choices.

As Catholics, we attend Church weekly and try to live on a respectable path. It is important to us, that we practice our faith as a family and this gives us a strong foundation in life.

About Kevin
Kevin is a wonderful man with many great qualities. He is a carpenter for the Long Island Railroad and enjoys his work very much. He’s happiest swinging a hammer and creating something from nothing. He has the best work ethic of anyone I know. Kevin is a man of integrity and generosity. He is always willing to give of himself. His simplistic nature has taught me the true meaning of life. He often enjoys fishing on the quietest of mornings or kicking up his heels with the nieces and nephews. He has two sisters and one brother all of whom are married. He has four nieces and nephews. His sister in law was adopted and it is so close to our hearts to embrace our own adoption journey. The day I met Kevin he told me he always dreamed of adopting a child. He said it was the greatest gift to ever be a part of. I hope that someday, his prayers are answered.

About Nicole
The day I met Nicole on our blind date I knew right then, I met my soul mate. She is a committed and dedicated elementary school teacher. She taught Kindergarten for 10 years and currently is now in the 4th grade. I know her best days are spent surrounded by children. She is the most loving, caring and generous person I’ve ever met. I can honestly say that she puts others before herself. Nicole’s favorite hobby is being in the kitchen making a new recipe learned from one of her cooking shows. She has one married sister with two beautiful children. We consider Nicole’s parents not just as grandparents but also as close friends that we share many great times with. I know in my heart that Nicole will be an extraordinary and loving mother.

Family and Friends
We are blessed with a wonderful group of family and close friends. Our lives are filled with giving and receiving love. We enjoy spending quality time doing various activities with relatives. The countless dinners, barbeques, holidays, vacations and activities keep us both peaceful and content. A child would benefit greatly from these positive people that share our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. With unconditional love, support and encouragement we feel confident in raising a child forever. We hope that you choose us to create a wonderful life for your child. Our love is unlimited. Sincerely,

Nicole & Kevin
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