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Albert and Laura

Dear Birthmom,

This is just a brief introduction about us and our lives. We hope this will give you at least some idea of the kind of life we can offer a child – a life full of warmth, security and above all, unconditional love.

Our names are Laura, Albert and our daughter, Lucy. We met nine years ago and quickly became good friends. Our friendship developed into a deep love and we were married in the spring of 2003. We have been blessed with a very strong marriage rooted in this love. We have always genuinely enjoyed spending time together, whether relaxing at home, visiting with family or friends, traveling, enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and bike riding, or taking day trips for local sightseeing. We are also active in our local community and our church, and enjoy participating in their many activities and events.

We had both always wanted children, and we had hoped to conceive early in our marriage. We were also both very open to the idea of adoption, as we had each always known we could love any child as our own, and we had also seen very positive adoption experiences by family and friends.
After some time of attempting to become pregnant, it soon became evident that our family was meant to grow through adoption. We heartily embraced this opportunity, and we were enormously blessed to adopt our beautiful daughter,
Lucy, when she was born in March 2008. She is our greatest treasure and has brought so much meaning, joy and fulfillment to our lives. We are overwhelmingly grateful to her birth mother for having chosen us to be Lucy’s parents. We already talk to Lucy about her adoption, telling her what a tremendous gift she is to us, and how her birth mother loved her so much that she made an adoption plan for her when she knew she would be unable to take care of her.

We own and live in a 3 bedroom house in a historic and very scenic village along the Hudson River in New York. It is a very family-friendly environment; there are many child-focused activities in the village and in the surrounding towns. It is also near enough to New York City to be able to take day trips and enjoy the many cultural, educational and recreational offerings there.

Albert works in New York City as an architect, and is fortunate to have the flexibility to set his own hours in order to maximize his time with his family. Laura had worked in a senior management position at an insurance company on Long Island until we adopted Lucy; we have been fortunate to have the financial security from Albert’s job to enable Laura to be a stay-at home mom since Lucy’s birth.

We are both very close with our families and see each other frequently. We spend lots of time with our young nieces and nephew, all of whom adore Lucy and are very much looking forward to having a new cousin in the family! Our families have been very enthusiastic and supportive about our decision to adopt again, and we are so excited that our new child will be received with so much love and joy upon his or her entrance into our family.

Laura’s thoughts about Albert

When I first met Albert, I was immediately attracted to his sincerity, generosity, kindness and great sense of humor. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word – he puts others’ needs before his own and is always willing to go the

extra mile for his family and friends. I knew early on that he would make a wonderful father – he loves children and had always enjoyed playing with our nephew and nieces. I’ve heard it said about wives that when you and your husband have a child you “fall in love with your husband all over again”. This definitely happened to me – Albert is such an amazing daddy to our little girl and I’ve been privileged to see a whole new side of him when he is with her. She is very much a daddy’s girl and jumps up and down when he comes home from work every day! He loves playing with her, reading to her and teaching her things like her ABC’s, counting and colors. He is a completely dedicated husband and father. And like Laura, he is very eager to add to our family!

Albert’s thoughts about Laura

As I’m writing this, Laura and I are hanging out at home with Lucy on a Saturday morning. Laura’s playing with her to give me time to write this, then when I’m done we’ll start planning the rest of our day. Lucy is a little bundle of energy; thankfully Laura and I are pretty energetic too, though we’re no match for the natural vitality of a 2-year old. I sit at a desk at my job for much of the day during the week, but Laura is home with Lucy so she’s the one who really has to keep up with her. Yet last night, after a long week of what she calls the “Lucy Channel” (“All Lucy, all the time”), Laura was as patient and loving with our little “Goosey” as the day we adopted her.

This morning, Laura is going to take Lucy in a stroller to the farmer’s market a few blocks away to pick up eggs and meat for the family. She’s always favored fresh food for health reasons but more so now that she’s a mom. She’s also become an expert about finding organic milk on sale, when she really stocks up. Right now the cartons take up about ½ of the top shelf in our refrigerator but Lucy will manage to finish the milk pretty quickly.

If the weather holds up we’re planning to go on an easy hike later with Lucy in our backpack baby carrier. We all enjoy these outings, and Lucy particularly likes her “bird’s eye view” of the world from my shoulders.

Even before Lucy came along, Laura was a natural with our little nieces and nephew and I knew that she’d be a wonderful mother (Lucy definitely thinks so too). Laura never loses her patience with Lucy (or with me for that matter, a miracle in itself); and even though Lucy is never happier than when she’s in Mommy’s arms, Lucy is so sure of Mommy’s love for her that she doesn’t seem worried when Mommy’s apart from her for short periods.

I’ve definitely been blessed with a very strong and beautiful marriage. Laura is an incredibly loving wife and she’s truly my best friend. She has a very optimistic spirit and a great sense of humor; she’s very good at not “sweating the small stuff. We had always gotten along very well, and we had been concerned that we’d start having some “friction” once we became parents, as we had heard that the arrival of children can really challenge even the best of marriages. Thankfully, Lucy has only strengthened our bond; she brings out the best in us and makes us want to be not just good parents but also to cultivate a happy and peaceful home life. Laura has now returned with Lucy and I’ll need to get ready for us all to head out. A shower will have to wait, and a lot of little things that I’d like to do today may not get done, but I’m looking forward to spending time with my family. I’ve been thinking about what it will be like to have another little girl or boy in the house. Some friends say that two kids are at least three times as hard as one, while others say it gets easier, but we’re eager to experience whatever joys and challenges a new child will bring.

If chosen, your selfless decision is a precious gift that will fulfill our dreams of having a family. Our child will grow up in a home filled with love, compassion, and trust. We will provide lots of laughter, bedtime stories, and security so that they can discover their own unique personality. We look forward to learning and growing with our family – most importantly – we look forward to being the best parents and role models we can possibly be. You can be assured our commitment to love, encourage, and celebrate this beautiful life is the most important decision in all of our lives.

Our little Lucy

Lucy was born in March 2008 and immediately took her place smack in the middle of our hearts. She was born 7 weeks premature but caught up developmentally very quickly. She is very active and has always been very eager to learn everything she can about the world around her. She has a very outgoing, affectionate personality and enjoys spending time with the many children in our town, as well as with our nieces, nephew, and our friends’ children. While she is a “live wire” much of the time, she also enjoys wind-down times throughout the day, especially in the evenings where we sit and read books on the couch and get to spend some relaxing time together as a family.

She understands the idea of a baby brother or sister by seeing our friends’ families grow, and eagerly answers “Yes!” every time we ask her if she wants one. She loves little babies (which we think is particularly charming since she’s really not much more than a baby herself ☺) and dotes on a 9-month old son of one of our friends, handing him his “binky” and making all sorts of little silly faces at him to make him laugh. While she is very adventurous and loves exploring and running around, she is also very content to be at home playing with her dolls or in her little play kitchen. Of course since she’s a toddler she definitely has her moments of frustration, and occasionally throws a tantrum, which we do our best to redirect; however she always recovers quickly and is soon ready to be happy and carefree again. We know she’ll be a wonderful big sister and will join us in embracing our new treasure.
In closing, we thank you for taking the time to read about us. Whatever you decide, we truly wish you all the best in making this important decision for your child.

Sincerely yours,
Albert and Laura Mora    800-284-5230

or call our lawyer Aaron Britvan at 800-966-2220 or email him at