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Ron and Sherry

Dear Birth Mothers
We are a loving family from ohio who long to adopt a baby. My name is Sherry and husbands name is Ron. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy before I met the love of my life and now we would love to raise a baby together. Ron has two boys whose mom died and I have two grown kids before the hysterectomy of course. We are a fun loving family who loves to have a good time. We love to do alot of things indoors and out and take vacations. Our other children very much want another brother or sister and ask all the time if we found one yet, lol. We cannot wait for the day that we can tell them yes. It will be one of the happiest days of our lives.

We can only imagine how hard this decision has been on you. It has to be the hardest decision you ever made and we totally admire and respect you for it. It takes a truely wonderful person to think of their baby before themselves and knowing you are making a wonderful choice should make you very proud. We would love to find a birth mother interested in a private or independent adoption rather than with an agency. We feel that every child deserves a loving home and don't think they should have to wait in foster care because of the fees agencies charge.

We have a very supportive extended family who will love and cherish this baby as much as we will. The baby will have so much love and security and you would never have to worry about your decision cause it would be the right one with us. Ron and I have always believed in giving a child every advantage and think spoiling a child with love and attention is the only way to parent. We have both been guilty of spoiling them with toys and anything else they want from time to time, but also teach responsiblity . Our childrens ages are 18,20,10 and 8. Everyone of them understand adoption and are so ready to have a new brother or sister to love and play with. If you think we may be the family you are looking for for your baby, please email us at and we will give you a contact number. Thank you for your time and reading about our family and check out our family pictures page.

With all our love and respect,

Ron,Sherry,Andrew,Matt,David and Jessica