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Richard and Kristin

Dear Birthmother,

We offer you our love, support, and respect as you make some very important decisions about the future of your child. Thank you for your love and courage as you search for the family that will care for your baby. Even though we have yet to meet you, we appreciate you, and our love extends to you and the child you carry.

Who We Are

We are Richard, Kristin, and Elizabeth,

We have been married sixteen wonderful years. Richard is a chaplain and teacher, while Kristin is a physician. We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Elizabeth, from earlier in our marriage. She is now eleven years old and is a special joy to our family. We were not able to have more children after many years of trying. Because of the love and hope that we share as a family, we have recovered fully from our losses. We have come to realize that adoption is the path for us to complete our family. We have never lost the desire for a second child, and Elizabeth has never lost the desire for a sibling. We feel stronger than ever, and are looking forward to a wonderful future. We have the room, the love, the energy, the resources and the strong desire to bring a second child into our family.

Our Home and Marriage
We live in a rural town within a few minutes of a city. Our town has many families, churches, and family-friendly activities including soccer, swimming, dance classes, and horseback riding. We live in a roomy four-bedroom country home, with a half-acre of land and a swimming pool. We have lots of room for playing and lots of trees. Our neighborhood is safe and quiet. We are also within driving distance of many sports facilities, museums, amusement parks, water parks, excellent schools, top-notch doctors, and hospitals. Elizabeth has participated in many of these sports, art lessons, and interesting field trips with her parents and school. Luckily, the office that both Kristin and Richard share is very close to home. Our marriage is based on lots of love, attraction, mutual trust, respect, terrific friendship, humor, similar values, the faith that strengthens and defines us, and finally many shared experiences, some happy some sad. When people ask us about how we met, we jokingly tell them, “We met in a hospital!” But seriously, that is the truth, and we mean no disrespect with that. Richard was a chaplain there, and Kristin was on staff as a physician. One of her patients requested a minister, and the rest is history!

Once we started dating, and then got engaged, Kristin cut way back on her hospital work, and finally stopped in order to focus on a private practice and marriage. Once Elizabeth was born she took three months off work, and then went half-time. Because both Kristin and Richard are self-employed, they have been able to re-arrange their schedules so that one of them is always with Elizabeth. We have not needed to use day-care. We believe it’s important for children’s first caregivers to be their parents whenever possible. With our flexible schedules, we’ve been able to do so much with Elizabeth. Kristin takes her to ice skate, play at the water park, or go on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Richard likes to take Elizabeth bicycling to the playground, or out to breakfast when she has a school holiday. Vacationing with Elizabeth is a big highlight in our life. Travel is very important to us. We always bring Elizabeth along, and plan to do the same for another child. Both Richard and Kristin have completed college degrees, and also graduate school, Richard in theology and ministry, Kristin in religion and medicine. We wish to offer the best education we can afford to any child we raise, and also to balance that education with positive values, recreation, family time, music, art, and the out-of-doors. We take our job of parents very seriously, and we love it! Richard has three children from a previous marriage who are very much apart of our lives. Ashley, Angela, and Joshua live nearby and are working young adults. All three of them enjoy getting together with us and being wonderful older siblings to Elizabeth. She adores their company and loves being with them. All of them are excited and supportive of welcoming another child into our family through adoption.

Our Faith and Family
Our faith is very important to us. We would define ourselves as Christians, with a number of different Christian denominations in our personal and family backgrounds. Our faith has been the stabilizing force in our lives, giving our lives meaning, purpose, direction, and security. Our faith has gotten us through some very painful times. Prayer and church are important in our lives, and events such as weddings and baptisms figure heavily in our family’s lives. Kristin’s late father was Jewish, so we still celebrate Passover each year with his family. We want to honor those traditions and show Elizabeth a religion that’s different yet so linked to her own. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, major holidays, and all family birthdays! We believe we are called to live our faith every day, and so we have helped with a number of outreach ministries over the years, especially to disadvantaged individuals. We respect your faith and beliefs, whatever they might be. We believe that a child’s spirituality needs to be nurtured and gently protected by his or her parents. We teach love, joy, and peacefulness in our home, and we seek to promote respect and compassion between each of us and others outside our home. Mercy and compassion are the teachings we value the most. Your child will be taught only loving values.

Why We wish to Adopt
We have so much love to share, and we want to bring another child into our family because we have been so blessed! Life has taught us that the most important things in life aren’t possessions or even accomplishments-but people, family, loving others, and living in our faith. Our philosophy of parenting starts with loving any child unconditionally, and giving him or her a firm foundation of security and nurturing. Every child deserves to feel wanted, special, and loved, and we know we can provide that. Every child deserves to have his or her basic needs taken care of, and so much more than that. Each child deserves to be supported and nurtured so that he or she can discover his or her gifts, talents, and destiny. Finally, every child should be helped to make his or her dreams a reality. This is what it means to bring a blessing to a child, and we know we can give this. We invite you to contact us through our adoption worker, Aimee whose phone number is 214.884.6692 or our attorney, Susan whose phone number is
(800) 462-3678. Please consider us as you decide where to place your baby. We pray God will bless you and help you with you decision. Thank you for reading our letter.

Sincerely, Richard, Kristin, and, Elizabeth