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Orna and Nigel

Dear Birth Mother and Family,

We are a loving, stable married couple who wish to adopt a baby. Here's a bit about our warm family: Orna, Nigel and Ruby. We are certain that we will provide the most loving, joyful and supportive home for a baby and child to grow up in. This must be a very complicated decision for you to make and we admire you for your courage. We will support you in any way we can, including EXPENSES PAID and all our commitment and respect. We live in exciting New York, are very stable financially, send our kid to a wonderful private school. We travel and vacation a lot, and are surrounded by the warmest community of friends and family. Why are we adopting? We are a loving married couple. We have been together for 16 years now, and are blessed with a wonderful daughter, Ruby, now 8 years old. Ruby came into our lives and changed us forever, teaching us that what we are really here to do is raise kids. Although we tried hard, we are not capable of biologically having another baby. Being a multi-cultural family (Nigel is English and Orna American) and living in the global village that we all belong to, what could be more natural than to adopt a child? Our daughter Ruby just can’t wait to have a brother or sister to lavish with love and embrace with her generous spirit. As for us, the thought of raising another child fills us with awe, excitement and a sense of joy that is hard to describe.
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About Us

Orna is an outgoing, wise, caring, and energetic woman. People tend to turn to her for support and advice, knowing they can rely on her sound judgment and endless care.

In addition to her work as a counselor and professor at NYU, she has a serious Yoga practice and is a writer. As a mother, she is deeply sensitive to Ruby's needs, wishes and passions and is constantly searching out ways to connect with her and cultivate that little spirit! She is particularly good at stimulating Ruby's growing artistic interests and much of their together time is spent doing creative art projects at home, going to museums, art galleries and theaters and, of course, listening to music. In fact, our only concession to technology in the house (we have no TV) is Ruby's Ipod which is constantly fed by Orna a diet of music ranging from Bach to Joni Mitchel. Of course, Orna's mother is an art curator and her father, a retired engineer, plays piano at the professional level so these things come naturally to Orna, herself an accomplished dancer and musician.

Orna comes from a warm family of professionals , her father now retired, doing community work, her mother still consulting in the art world. Her family believes in giving all you have to your children and to the people you care about. Orna’s family is deeply involved in our lives, and they are incredibly supportive and generous with their time and resources. Recently for example Orna's father bought Ruby a piano in support of her developing talent and her mother on visits to New York without fail introduces Ruby to all the latest art exhibitions in town, not to mention the gifts they always bring. In fact, though they live at some distance, they spend months of the year with us as loving grandparents. Orna's brother has a son a year younger than Ruby and she loves visiting her cousin and his many pets that include dogs, cats, geese, rabbits, chickens, ferrets and a donkey!

Nigel has a world reputation for his extraordinary healing capacities. Having lived and trained in the Far East for many years, he now has a practice in Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Herbal Medicine in New York. He is on the faculty of 2 Colleges, teaches nationally and internationally and is also a published author in his field. He is a gentle, giving and thoughtful man who creates an atmosphere of calm and acceptance around him. He combines an unusual love for nature, sports, meditation and --- cooking!

As a father Nigel has assumed a very active parental role with Ruby. He bikes her to school every morning, picks her up twice a week and spends most evenings with her taking her to piano lessons, playing chess and teaching her to cook! But it is out of the house that he really loves to engage her the most, whether playing on our garden swing-set, biking to the park or venturing further afield on their camping trips to the forests and seashores around the East coast. His years of international living have seemingly rubbed off on her too and Ruby is quite a well travelled little girl already with trips to Europe, the middle and far East under her belt! Nigel grew up in a traditional English family, many generations in the British Military. His father was a fighter pilot for the Royal Air Force, his grandfather a Colonel in the Indian Army. Nigel’s family instilled in him a deep commitment to honor and respect family and community, and strong ethical values, including a healthy sense of self-discipline, independence and an adventurous spirit! Nigel’s two sisters and their kids are a close part of our family. Both our families are completely excited about our adoption plans and cannot wait to embrace a new baby into the warm family fold.

Perhaps as longing and excited as us, Ruby is one of the most encouraging voices in this journey to adopt a baby. From the very beginning of her young social life, Ruby stood out as an unusually warm and caring little kid who was always there to befriend, include and comfort her playmates. There is nothing she does not enjoy – from gymnastics, soccer and biking, to creating the most imaginative art projects at home. As her doting parents we support each and every interest of hers. We are lucky to have the resources to be able to offer what we do, and look forward to giving the same kind of support, rich environment and attention to another child.

We are fortunate to be financially secure and to live in a beautiful, family-oriented, tree lined neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. We own a large brownstone (yes, one of those townhouses you see in classic movies of old New York), with the largest tree in Brooklyn growing in our backyard, hosting two squirrels, robins and the bunnies that Ruby raises under its canopy. We are a central part of the community here, surrounded by wonderful friends that function as a large extended family, and with whom we share dinners, play-dates, family trips, holidays and events. Many of the kids attend the same incredible school our daughter does. We send our daughter to a private school that goes from pre-school and continues all the way through high-school. It gives the kids an incredible sense of stability and encouragement to be the best of who they are meant to be.The kids are nurtured and the study plan is tailored to their very specific personalities. The Wall Street Journal has recently described this school as the best in the country! The community we live in is very diverse, with many types of families embraced lovingly and with no judgments. There are so many adopted children in this community, Domestic and International, that it is completely part of the norm. It is quite the community. The best of what America has to offer!

Rasing kids

When Ruby was born Orna and Nigel both took a long maternity/paternity leave to enjoy the thrill of becoming parents and to establish the very special bond they both created with her. We plan to do the same when we are blessed with our second child. Nigel still bikes Ruby to school every morning, and spends two days a week with her from the moment she finishes school until their nightly routine of story reading together. Orna spends the rest of the afternoons with Ruby, alternating between quiet playtimes at home to play-dates, piano, cello and chorus classes. Orna is a professor and a counselor working with adolescents. She is fortunate to work a flexible part-time schedule. Nigel is an internationally known healer – a teacher and practitioner of Chinese Medicine, which he originally studied for years in Japan. Being a teacher and practitioner Nigel also enjoys a flexible schedule. We are the kind of parents whose lives revolve around our kid. Orna does more of the homey and artsy stuff, and Nigel is the one that organizes the camping trips and keeps in touch with the great outdoors. The three of us have been pining for a long time to have a second child join our lives, to shower them with the joy and happiness we are blessed with, and to share the wisdom we have accumulated from our experience with Ruby.

We are open to discussing any adoption plan that would make you comfortable. We would like it if you would be interested in staying in some contact with us, but will understand if that is not what you can imagine right now. We look forward to meeting you face to face, writing letters, exchanging pictures, and anything else that would be helpful for you and your family. We would like to support your pregnancy and are fortunate to be able to pay for expenses. Our Feelings About You .... We realize that this is a challenging time for you and that the choices you are making are difficult, but we hope you will feel our love and concern for you. Words cannot adequately express the amount of gratitude and admiration we have for you. We will hold a very special place in our hearts for our “dearest friends,” who have given us the greatest gift imaginable ... the opportunity to be parents again. We love babies, we love children. Whether caucasian or multi-racial, we would consider ourselves the happiest people to add a new little person into our family.

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Orna and Nigel

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