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Kim and John

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Hello and Welcome!
We are Kim and John, hopeful adoptive parents from Long Island, New York. We are praying as we wait to connect with you! We can only imagine the decisions that you face at this time. We commend n your strength and courage in making plans to make sure your child has the best possible life. We thank you in advance for your time and wish you well as you make your plans.

Future Communication
There are many different choices with adoption these days; it can be open, semi-open, or a closed adoption. The great part is the choice is yours. We would be happy to share letters, emails and pictures with you, if this is something you wish to do. We know this is an individual preference and we leave that up to you. Let's talk about it together. No matter what…we will honor all of your wishes and desires.

We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our hopes, and our dreams and our life with you and your baby. You can be certain; your baby will be loved and cared for beyond your greatest hopes. We both want, more than anything, to love you and your baby with all our hearts.

Our Careers
John and I are settled in our careers, together, we run a thriving Kitchen and Bath design business. We truly enjoy our careers; we have been given the ability to design and plan beautiful rooms for our clients. We are both creative people; John can build anything and I really enjoy the interior design element, we make a great team.

Stay at home Mom
After the adoption, John will continue running our business, and I will become a full-time stay at home mom. This will be my most important role thus far. I look forward to making pay dates, reading books, playing peek-a-boo and nurturing this child on a daily basis. I recognize being a mom is a challenging role, and I also can see how rewarding it must be. Truthfully, I am ready for many diaper changers, midnight feedings and all that comes with being a good mother. I promise to honor you daily by caring for this baby; we will never take this child for granted.

Family & Friends
We have a large extended family, and we are a close group. We like to entertain and get together often with our friends and family. Many of our family and friends have small children, and we cannot wait to introduce our "little one" to everyone. As soon as we shared our plans to adopt, both our family and friends expressed excitement. Adoption has touched our family in the past and we all look forward to welcoming this precious baby. This baby is already loved by many…what a terrific way to start life.

Home sweet home
We have been blessed with a beautiful home is a small town. Our home is spacious, but warm and inviting. We have a great big backyard with lots of room to run and play. Our community has great schools with top level educational programs. There are several great playgrounds, soccer fields, parks and beaches close by.

Everyday life
John and I love the beach and the outdoors. We also enjoy traveling. We love to spend our summers down by the shore and enjoy boating. I like to swim and particularly enjoy the warmer weather. Living on Long Island we are fortunate to experience four beautiful seasons. We have a pet cat named, "Aleea" who is very lovable. We also love to play music and we love to sing. John plays various instruments. It makes for lots of fun. Three of my nephews enjoy this so much they are now taking lessons so they can join in on the fun.

Kim talks about her adoption
Making an adoption plan is a selfless act of love; I know this first hand, because my birth mother placed me for adoption. She gave me the gift of a beautiful life; with two amazing parents, a loving family and loads of wonderful opportunities. For me, there was never any uncertainty about the love that my birth mother has for me, I know her decision was a difficult one, and I am so thankful to her for making an adoption plan for me. Now, I am hoping to become a mom and give our precious son or daughter, a childhood like the one I was blessed to have. Growing up, my life was overflowing with love, enjoyable times and encouraging words. I was fortunate to receive a quality education and have experienced many of life's opportunities.

What we want you to know…
Although we have not yet met you, we have compassion for you. Adoption is obviously an act of love and a completely unselfish decision. You are undoubtedly putting your baby first and foremost. With your decision you are creating a family; giving your baby the gift of a beautiful life and at the same time, blessing a couple with the gift of parenthood. In our eyes, you are an angel who will always have a special place in our hearts.

We assure you, we will give your baby a life fulled with endless love. It is our belief that "we" were intended to cross paths; we trust that God is guiding all of us through every step of this journey. John and I are deeply touched that you are considering us. It is our goal, to help this child have a positive understanding of adoption. I believe my personal experience will aid in achieving this goal.

We are a fun loving, artistic couple, who together share a dream to become "Mommy & Daddy." John and I are blessed to have a strong marriage and financial security. We always knew that we wanted to have children; unfortunately we learned that becoming pregnant would not be possible for us. Adoption was a very easy decision for us, particularly since I was adopted. We feel strongly that adoption is the way we are meant to become parents.

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