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Kimberly and Anthony


Hi, we are Kimberly & Anthony. The day we met six years ago, we began to make each other happy & continue to do so as a married couple. We want nothing more than to share that happiness with a baby.

Too much love for only two of us...
Since childhood, we both imagined lives filled with a devoted husband or wife & the children we would adore. In each other, we have found that devoted spouse, the person whom we each lean on during bad times & the person with whom we most want to share good times. Now, we’re ready to open our arms & offer our hearts to a baby boy or girl through adoption.

We do not see adoption as a second choice. It is true that we are unable to have biological children, but both of us truly believe this is the way we were meant to build our family. It simply feels right, the same way it felt when we chose each other.

The baby we welcome into our lives is promised a lifetime of love, laughter, and guidance with a stay-at-home mom, a close-knit extended family, and other adopted family members. Please read below to hear more of our story.

The Story of Us

We met when we were set up on a blind date by two friends. All four of us went to a Spanish restaurant for dinner. Throughout the night, it became clear that Anthony’s laid-back charm matched Kimberly’s energetic personality. When Kimberly got home that night, Anthony called to ask for a second date. Remembering that she mentioned her love of scary movies, the next Friday he took her to Great Adventure’s Fright Fest. We spent hours talking that night as we made two hour drive there, waited online for the Haunted Hayride and returned home. After that night, we continued to see each other often, watching movies, eating meals (Anthony baked Kimberly a cake for her birthday), and meeting each other's families.

A year and a half later, just before Easter, Kimberly entered Anthony's apartment to find an Easter egg scavenger hunt set up for her. She moved from egg to egg, led by the poems Anthony had written. At the end of the hunt, she found Anthony on his knee with a ring in his hand. He asked her to marry him; of course, she said yes! We were married in August ’08 and celebrated all night with everyone we love around us.

As a married couple, we simply like to spend time with each other whether that be at a restaurant, the zoo, or on vacation. Mostly, we just love to spend time at home together.

Home Is Where the Heart Is
We live in a small suburban town that contains not only close-knit neighborhoods and quiet streets but also exceptional schools, entertaining activities such as parks, museums, and historic towns, and delicious restaurants. Our house is a few blocks from a park and a mere four houses from a softball field. We have two extra bedrooms, a large yard, and a fireplace.

Our Dog, Roxie
On Kimberly’s 27th birthday, Anthony surprised her with a maltipoo puppy. We named her Roxie. She loves all of her cousins (our siblings’ babies) and she is very gentle with them. She simply cannot wait to have a sibling of her own!

Kimberly's Family

I, Kimberly, grew up in my home with my mother, father, two sisters, and eventually one “adopted” sister, and one “adopted” brother. My family always spent time together out to dinner, down the shore, and at my sister’s and my cheerleading events.

No, we live only minutes away from all my family members and we get together for special occasions, birthdays, vacations and most often just regular every day activities like dinner and shopping.

Anthony's Family

I, Anthony, grew up with my two parents, an older brother, Jerry, and my Aunt Sis, a second mother. My parents were very involved in my life. They attended school functions and helped me with homework. Also, my father headed my Boy Scout troop.

My family may be smaller than Kimberly’s but it has just as much love. Since we basically all live around the corner from each other, we spend time together at least once or twice a week.

Other Adopted Family Members

Pia, who is married to Anthony’s brother, was adopted as a baby and has always had a healthy, happy relationship with her parents. We know Aunt Pia will be helpful to our future child when he or she has questions or feelings that only an adoptee can understand.

Robby and Michele are Kimberly’s cousins; their mother was stricken with M.S. at a young age and became unable to raise them. Kimberly’s parents took Robby and Michele into their family. They are simply Kimberly’s brother and sister, even though biologically this is not so.

We believe that these unique qualities about our families were a blessing preparing us to welcome an adopted child into our life.

Stay-at-home Moms

As we were growing up, our mothers were stay-at-home moms. We both always enjoyed & benefited from their constant presence. That is why we plan on having Kimberly be a stay-at-home mom for our future children.

Our Values

During our everyday lives, we both keep in mind the many lessons ours parents taught us and still teach us today. Many of those lessons are the same for both of us:

  • Do the right thing; it is always the right choice.
  • Put family and friends before all other parts of life.
  • Use your strength and skill to help others who cannot help themselves.
  • Be humble and modest.
  • Show your loved ones you love them while you have the chance.
  • Follow the rules; they are there for a reason.
  • Respect your elders; they are wiser and more experienced than you.
  • Take care of those who have taken care of you.
  • Be kind to others; you never know when you'll cross paths again.

Nieces and Nephews
We have many nieces & nephews we love to spend time with. We love to hold them, kiss them, & play with them. Each of them is so excited at the thought of having a new cousin!

Anytime You Need a Friend

We have both had the same group of friends since high school or earlier. As we have grown older, our friendships have only become more important to us because we have realized how much we need our friends during different times in our lives. We turn to them for advice, comfort, and especially when we need a good laugh.

Getting to Know Us
Age 28
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Siblings2 sisters, 1 “adopted” sister, & 1 “adopted” brother
Favorite toy as a child American Girl doll, Samantha
Hobbies Reading, writing, scrapbooking, coaching cheerleading
Favorite Books The Harry Potter Series, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult
Best traits (according to Anthony) Compassionate, great listener, understanding, smart, nurturing
Best traits (according to Kimberly) Organized, a great secret keeper, open-minded
Favorite household chore Cooking
Least favorite household chore Laundry
Best subject in school Math
Favorite memory of Anthony When I was sad after missing the white party thrown by my friends, he came to my house dressed in white with white flowers and white balloons.
One thing I look forward to about being a parent When the baby learns to hug me back

Age 31
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Siblings1 brother
Favorite toy as a child Transformers
Hobbies Watching sports (live & on TV), playing sports for fun, videogames, taking pictures
Favorite Sport Football
Best traits (according to Kimberly) Selfless, understanding, comforting, funny, kind
Best traits (according to Anthony) Funny, calm, cool & collected, intelligent
Favorite household chore Laundry
Least favorite household chore Cleaning
Best subject in school Math
Favorite memory of KimberlyWhen she gave me cufflinks for our wedding that held a picture of my best friend who passed away at 15.
One thing I look forward to about being a parent Watching my children at different extracurricular events like recitals and plays

Education and Work
Anthony attended public grammar & high school and then earned a BA in communications at a state university. Now, as a sergeant in the police department, his job is to teach and manage new police officers. Kimberly graduated from a private grammar school & high school. She received a BA in English from a local college & an MA in English Literature in graduate school. She currently works as an English teacher at an all-girl high school. Thank you We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to learn about us but, more importantly, for the extreme selflessness that has enabled you to consider adoption for your child. If we were to continue on this journey with you, we would do our best to match that selflessness throughout your baby’s life.

Contact Us
We would love to hear from you! Please call us toll free at 877-293-0562 or email us at You can also call our attorney, Robin Fleischner at 212-362-6945.