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Thank you for taking some time to learn about me as you search to find a loving and nurturing home for your child. There is no authentic way for me to truly understand the difficult decision you have before you. But I can start by inviting you into my life so that you can know everything about the kind of family I grew up in and the kind of family I am excited to create. I have always known that I wanted to be a mom, and I ‘m ready to provide a stable, loving and joyful home if you consider me as an adoptive mom for your baby.

About Me
My name is Karen. I grew up in San Jose, California and live not too far from the house I grew up in. I am a 38-year-old energetic, independent woman looking forward to entering the next stage of my life – sharing it with a child whom I can love, nurture and guide as he or she grows.

My friends describe me as caring, honest and someone they know they can count on no matter what. I am very fortunate to have wonderful and loving family and friends who are also looking forward to being involved in this child’s life.

Although I look forward to marriage someday, I haven’t met the right man to share my life with. Rather than waiting for that to happen first, I decided on adoption now because I am at the ideal place in my life where I have the resources and capacity to be a loving parent to a child through adoption.

My Home
I live in the Willow Glen area of San Jose (about 50 miles south of San Francisco), an older area of town with charming houses and a small-town feel. It’s a very safe neighborhood with a good public-school system and many parks, playgrounds and open space for a child to play.

I own my own home, and have a large yard with plenty of room to ride a tricycle or bike around. I enjoy decorating and remodeling and have spent several years remodeling my house and landscaping my backyard. I have a garden filled with flowers and vegetables, and I look forward to seeing the excitement in a child’s eyes while watching the carrots and tomatoes he or she has planted grow into something we can actually eat.

I am an animal lover and share my house with a dog, Abby, and two cats, Rocky and Sabrina. Abby loves going on walks and running at the dog beach. And I love coming home after work to my furry friends who are excited to get lots of love and attention.

My Career
I am a certified public accountant and have been self-employed for the past nine years. I like the flexibility that self-employment allows, and I enjoy working with loyal clients throughout the year. My job has been flexible enough to allow me to work four days a week for the last couple of years.

On my days off, I have tutored children in a reading program at an elementary school, and I currently volunteer at a child development center. I love interacting with the kids, whether we're reading together, sitting on the floor building with blocks, or playing "house" in the kitchen area. Working with children has really helped me put my life into perspective and figure out what is most important to me – being a mom. When a baby joins me in my home, I plan on taking six months off work to spend one-on-one time together, and after that I will work part-time.

My Family and Support System

I have a wonderful support network that includes lifelong friends and colleagues who share my values. While they would all probably describe me as being independent and resourceful, I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it. I know raising a child will bring its share of expected (and unexpected!) challenges, and I will undoubtedly rely on my patient and caring nature in these situations.

I have an amazing family, with many aunts, uncles and cousins. Friends of the family often ask what they need to do to become a member of our family and to join in all of the fun! Holidays and get-togethers throughout the year are very important to me, and I’m close to both my mom and dad’s side of the family. We have a cabin in Northern Idaho that we visit each summer and enjoy our time swimming, hiking, roasting hotdogs, playing cards and relaxing. My friends and family are ecstatic at the prospect of me becoming a mother (and so am I!). They can’t wait to join me in showering this child with love.

My dad lives only a mile away from me and is looking forward to being a grandpa. He’s eager to go on trips to the park and to teach a child all of his “Mr. Fix-it” knowledge. Although my mom passed away a few years ago, we shared a special bond and I look forward to developing a similar relationship, filled with lots of love, trust and respect, with a child.

Becoming a mom

I am so excited to become a mom. Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a foster parent for a beautiful newborn baby girl. Although it was only for a week, she touched my heart in ways I never imagined possible. Late night feedings, diaper changes, and holding her while watching the funny expressions on her face turned out to be some of the highlights in my life. I fell in love with her immediately and I know that whatever child I am lucky enough to share my life with, he or she will be loved unconditionally.

My parents were married for 37 years and were wonderful role models. They showed me how to work hard for what I want in life, to set goals for myself and to be responsible for my actions. Most importantly, they were always very loving. From them, I learned how important it is to teach a child to love him or herself and to be caring and respectful of others. I also understand the importance of providing consistent yet loving discipline.

As a child, my mom read to me every night before going to bed and I hope to carry on that tradition. I enjoy traveling and hope to share my love of traveling and learning about other cultures with a child. Making weekends a special event is something I also look forward to, whether we go for a hike, go on a bike ride around the neighborhood, or go to a children’s museum. Education was always very important in my family and I plan on making sure that my child has the opportunity to get a college degree and follow whatever career path his or her heart desires.

I look forward to creating an open relationship with you and will honor your wishes regarding contact before and after the adoption. In any case, your child will always know that you loved him or her and that this decision was made out of that love.

Thank you!
I am so glad you’ve taken the time to read about me. I would love to get to know more about you, and learn about your dreams for your child. If you want to learn more about me, please feel free to call me directly at my own toll free number 1-888-321-1522, visit my website at, or e-mail me at You can also contact my agency, Adoption Connection, toll free at 1-800-972-9225.