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We are the proud adoptive parents of two beautiful girls! We found our wonderful birthparents on our own each time. We found our first birthmother by placing adoption ads in the newspapers. We found our second birthmother through the internet in 1995! We put a web page on the internet and within 2 days a birthmother contacted us! The costs for advertising in the newspaper were very, very expensive. We spent $200 on average for one newspaper and it was for only a one day ad! The internet allowed our ad to be up ALL the time and the cost is less than $200 a year!

We have always felt extremely fortunate to have been able to adopt our girls and have always said when the time is right, we will give back. Well the time is right (our girls are older and demand less time) and we wish to help others to adopt as quickly as we were able to do. We understand how taxing the adoption bills can be and we have decided NOT to charge $185 a month, but instead to charge $185 a year! This should cover our costs. We are not looking to make money off of good people who wish to connect to their birthmothers as we did with ours!

The internet can help a birthmother who has already decided to place her baby for adoption find you very quickly! Don't get lost in the crowd of hundreds of others. Place your ad with us. Simply let us know of your intention to join by emailing us at (

We recommend that you place your ad in as many places as you can afford that is cost effective. The more you network and the more exposure, the better.