Adoption Stories

The following stories have been written by people who have been adopted. Please consider sharing yours with us. To add yours, simply send it to us by writing to us at (

The following letter was written by Christina Paige. The letter is a letter she dreams her birthfather Steven would write to her.

Dear Christina Paige,
I know I haven't been in your life for 16 years but you are my birth-daughter and I want you to know I love you. I wanted to be there for you but I didn't know how I could be. I thought you would have been so mad I had left your mother and that you would hate me for it. Inside this box lies something almost as beautiful as you. A stone that is pure red. A ruby that shines in your presence. Oh my dear Christina Paige, I love you and always will.. I know this won't make up for anything but please ty to find forgiveness and a place for me in your heart.
Steven (last name withheld)