Adoption Songs

The following songs have been written by people who have been adopted. Please consider sharing your poem/song/story with us. To add yours, simply send it to us by writing to us at (

From JennNikole

Hello, my name is Jenn and I was adopted at birth. I wrote several adoption songs to help get my feelings out about my birthmother and my adoption. The first song I wrote is to my birthmother called "DEAR JANE". I met her once when I was 10. We spent most of the day together with my parents and her sister (my birth Aunt). We didn't talk much, as I was only 10 and didn't know what to say. Since then, it doesn't seem like she wants any contact with me. My parents believe she is shielding herself from feeling the hurt all over again and that if her other children (my half brother and sister) saw that I had more options in my life, that it would hurt them. The second song I wrote about my birthmother is called "Will You Look at Me Now"

I also wrote a song for my adoptive parents. I love them and they've helped me with so much in my life, including my adoption. That song is called It was Meant to Be.

I hope you enjoy the songs. Thank you for this opportunity to express myself here.